Sean Klaiber

Me and my DB Milau
“When I was driving to an event with my brother Rowan we talked about our shared passion for watches. He knew I always had an interest in watches, but until now I always bought a useful one since I could not find what I really wanted. I like to do things different in my job as a professional footballer to get success and therefore won’t go for obvious choices. I was looking to buy “the one” and my brother told me he had found what I would like: DB Milau.

I had never heard of this Dutch brand, but he was certainly right as he knows my taste. When I looked at the website, I really loved the special design and the Dutch story, motivation, and fighting spirit of the guys behind this brand. This is not the standard choice but they stand out from the crowd by being different. The handmade build, the Dutch mentality to go your own way, and the Swiss quality of the caliber used make the perfect match. A lot of editions available are business chic, but I wanted the more sportier Ran edition. I really love this one because it is rigid and you can combine it with sportswear, but it also looks great with a suit. With all the details when you look closer, it shows class but is typical Dutch, not too much. What I did not expect is everybody notices it and so it is fun to tell about this Dutch ‘secret for the happy few’!”

His story

Born on July 31st,1994 in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, Sean Klaiber was passionate about football from an early age. Like many other young boys, he wanted to do nothing else other than play soccer and at his first club, VVIJ, he was noticed immediately. This appeared to be no average guy and soon he was playing for AJAX. In 2013, before the age of 20, he was even selected for the Dutch national football team and in 2014 his professional career really took off when he signed for FC Utrecht. Like a shooting star he is entering the highest level of professional football with the winning spirit DB Milau’s are made for.