Sean Hendrix

Me and my DB Milau

“I make music to see happy faces and try to give positive energy as that feeds my own energy. So, enjoy everything you accomplish, everything you do, and everybody you meet. Then they will feel that energy too. One of the things I have interest in, besides my passion for music, are watches. As I have my own style, I always want something special that suits me. DB Milau watches are not like the obvious brands. They are not well-known yet and so instead of hearing and reading a lot about them, you kind have to meet them.

By chance my eye fell on a DB Milau watch somebody was wearing and I just knew it had to be mine. When you get close you will see great quality and eye for detail, so the more you see, the more impressed you will be. Typically Dutch, it is not a bargain but a reasonable price level for the quality including a Swiss movement and the fact that each DB Milau is handmade. The nice thing between other watch fans is that everybody wants to know about it, so you have a different story to tell.”

His story

Sean Hendrix was born on December 17th in Bussum, The Netherlands. Even as a child he was already passionate about the radio business and when living in The Hague he discovered the growing radio piracy in The Hague and its nearby towns.

At the beginning of the 80’s he started as a disc jockey at the Radio Centraal station. From then on, he drifted to several stations such as Hofstad Radio, Radio Stad Den Haag, Super 106 België and night programs at the Radio 10 Gold station.

At the end of the 90’s, Sean stopped presenting the radio programs and went on to focus on the production of music. This focus on house music and the creation of remixes, especially giving dance classics a modern and new vibe, had a massive impact on his development as a DJ.

Sean's reputation was enhanced through many guest performances where he showcased his mixed dance classics.

Around 2000, Sean's focus shifted. Deep House Music was his new focus, which turned into an album in 2014: "DJs - Ontour Present Sean HendriX - Winter2014".

Currently his Podcast Radio show "Deep At The Beach & Classics At The Beach" can be heard on several radio stations in The Netherlands, France, and the Spanish coasts.