Herrik van der Gaag

Me and my DB Milau
“I have had an interest in nice watches for a long time. It is my kind of jewel for a man and the way to show your personality when wearing certain kinds of clothing. I really match my watches with the schedule of that day, whether I’m in the office, doing something sporting or at a party. I like a distinctive but modest style and do not like watches to be ‘in your face’. Besides good looks, I want to have quality and the brand has to match my way of life. When I saw a DB Milau I liked the style, the quality, but also the story behind the brand. Quirky to go their own way, not mainstream, Dutch coolness and a friendly image, just like I experience with Volvo, which has its own values. It is also nice that people are interested in the watch and you always have something to talk about. For example, when I was visiting the design department of Volvo in Sweden, a designer immediately saw my watch, liked the style and wanted to know all about it.”

His story

Herrik van der Gaag was one of the first customers of DB Milau. He is also a real example of a businessman with drive. After his Business School graduation and a Master grade, his career took off and he quickly moved up the ladder to several managing positions in different countries. When he became the General Manager of Champion Group, he combined his leadership and commercial skills with the feel for fashion and design. Champion is a leading designer and distributor of athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories across 60 countries in the territories of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

In 2018 Herrik became the Managing Director of Volvo Car Netherlands, which needs no introduction. With the Volvo brand it is important to know what the consumer likes in terms of style, and the technology needs to be perfect. The combination of determination, style, quality, and technology is what makes you stand out from the crowd.