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The Acamar
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Dare to Be different

Our Heritage

Dutch Brand
Dutch desk
© 2018 DB Milau BV

DB Milau is a Dutch watch brand (DB stand for ‘Dutch Brand’)

that attaches great value to its Dutch origin.

We are proud of the fact that The Netherlands are known for its progressive nature and is also known as a country that tends to think different and therefore like unique ideas and products.

The Dutch are people known for their entrepreneurial spirit. In the old days they used the stars as navigation to sail the world. In a time that people thought that the planet was flat, the Dutch already thought differently… and sailed the world to explore and see for themselves. In the period of time when England, France and Spain were the leading powers in the world, only The Netherlands were stubborn enough to fight against them in their wish to stay independent and in control of their own country (and religion), and although they were a small country they succeeded and stayed with their own independent, progressive way. At sea The Netherlands were a force to be reckoned with because they were very skilled in a fight. This was because of the fact that the Dutch communicated with the other Dutch ships by means of flags

The Dutch also thought differently in the business area. Dutch entrepreneurs set up the VOC in 1602, the first incorporated business model in the world which traded across the globe. The VOC was the first stock market in history! In the old days it was not easy for The Netherlands to stay and act the way they desired. As the country has always been very small, taking on the bigger countries was quite a difficult task. The bigger powers in the world were not happy with The Netherlands doing things their (mostly different) ways and tried their best to keep the country small (or take it over). Despite all the opposition and wars against them however, the Dutch persisted and managed to let the country grow and flourish. They always looked further than their own borders, always curious to see what more the world had to offer. They discovered Australia (which used to be New Holland) and founded now well-known big cities such as Jakarta (which used to be Batavia) and New York (which used to be New Amsterdam).

DB Milau continues this way of thinking! Our watch brand has the same philosophy as the old Dutch. Just like in the old days we want to set ourselves apart from the established, famous, and bigger watch brands who have existed for many years. We do this by thinking in a different way, bringing our own story to the watch market with our own unique design. By using well-known Swiss timepieces (the same pieces which are used by the well-known brands) quality is guaranteed and just like the old Dutch had an eye for detail (navigating by means of the stars), DB Milau has the same eye for every detail. We assemble every watch by hand in The Netherlands instead of using mass production. This results in special personal attention for each watch we make for our customers. DB Milau resembles The Netherlands and its history. Just like the old Dutch were different and thought things could be better, pushed the boundaries and explored the world looking for new things and experiences, we are also a small brand putting ourselves on the map in an area ruled by the big watch brands, with different ideas about design, quality, and about what customers desire when buying a special and unique watch.


DB Milau is for the watch enthusiast who does not feel the need to wear a well-known brand just to show his success but looks further than that and chooses a brand that has its own unique story. With that he shows he is successful but has his own individuality! Just like the old world-famous Dutch painters like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Mondrian. These artists are known for their own unique and individual style that has never been seen before.

Dutch ship
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DB Milau
DB Milau

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